Custom Bespoke Tailored Suits By Steve Pariani—We Come To You.

Experience Colorado’s finest bespoke luxury with Steve Pariani. Picture John, a young executive with a discerning eye for style. Steve, renowned for his mastery in custom clothing, brings curated fabrics to John’s office. Together, they choose a deep navy blue with a subtle check pattern. Steve takes precise measurements on the spot, ensuring the suit fits perfectly. Weeks later, John tries on his bespoke suit – a statement of confidence and style crafted by Steve Pariani.

Discover why Steve Pariani leads Colorado in bespoke craftsmanship. 

The Steve Pariani Difference

Get unmatched attention from beginning to end.

Avoid hassle and save time.

Be guided through our trusted process to create a garment as unique as yourself.

Express your unique look with our wide selections.

Refuse to settle for generic.

Feel unrestricted with our huge selection of fabrics, colors, patterns and styles.

Wear a garment crafted for you, and you alone.

Feel like you.

Become the envy of your crew with a garment specific to you and your personality.


“These are the best suits I have ever ownedI will never go back to big box retail stores”

I’ve never used a tailor before, so I was a bit nervous about buying my new suit jackets, and having them be tailored for me. However, my experience here has changed my mind about tailoring.

I am a Pastor and I always wear suits, so fit and quality are important to me.  I will never go back to big box retail stores, these are the best suits I have ever owned. Unfortunately, the suit jackets I purchased at retail stores didn’t fit exactly ; the sleeves were too long or the bust was a little tight or too loose. So I needed them tailored if I want to wear them.  Steve Pariani was able to do that as well.

– Pastor Matt Miller, Grace Baptist Church

I wanted to get my fiancé a tailored suit (his first) as a gift for our wedding. Something really stylish and classic like Cary Grant would wear that he could wear for other occasions as well. Mr. Pariani came to our apartment for the fitting and helped us select great styles and fabrics. He understood we were new to getting a custom suit and perfectly explained everything to us and understood my fiancé’s needs and style. This experience alone was worth 5 stars, however, a true measure of a business is how they handle things when they go wrong which is inevitable eventually. We had a mix-up with the supplier and wound up with a blue suit, which looked phenomenal, but we ordered one in charcoal grey. Mr. Pariani handled the situation with so much integrity and understanding and like a miracle worker got the charcoal suit done in time for our wedding! We bought both suits and Mr. Pariani comped the material for the blue suit and a couple of the custom shirts we got as well. He is an absolute gentleman and a joy to work with!

– Mary Stevens

Based on 35 reviews
Dustin Remaley
Dustin Remaley
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Historically I’ve been buying Hugo Boss off the rack for $850-$900 each. That being said these suits are better quality and fit so much better than those do. I’ll never buy suits off the rack ever again..
Victor Rosas
Victor Rosas
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Steve is a talented designer who provided high-end concierge service at a fair price. As someone shopping for their first bespoke suit to wear in the office, Steve provided valuable insights along the way, making the process easy-to-understand and efficient. He tailored his styling suggestions to my needs and provided me space to make my own decisions. I am very happy with the two-piece suit that I bought and will continue to grow my suit collection with Steve's help. It's without any hesitation that I recommend Steve to anyone in the market for a well-made bespoke suit.
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
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Steve provide superb service while tailoring two suits - for my son and me. He came to our house and provided a detailed fitting for both of us. He advised us on color, fabric, and design for the suits for my son's wedding. We recieved our suits, shirts, and extra pants ahead of schedule - the fit is perfect. I highly recommend Steve, and there is no doubt we will use him again in the future.
Ryan Frerichs
Ryan Frerichs
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Excellent service and excellent attention to detail.
Chris Walker
Chris Walker
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Working w Steve is great! His concierge level service is second to none! He shows up at your door/office w a suit case full of fabric/patten options, takes your measurements and returns in a few weeks w your own personalized suits!! Then his prices are commensurate with what you would pay for a designer suit at the mall. Wish I could give him and his service a 6. He’s earned another customer for life!
David Marin
David Marin
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Steve had some suits made for me. The fit is perfect, the designs are perfect. I will definitely be ordering some more, as well as referring friends to Steve. Great job Steve!
juanita snellgrove
juanita snellgrove
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I got a 3pcs suit made for work. It fit perfectly, looked great! The process was seamless and the service impeccable. I'm looking forward to making some more.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown
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I get greeted by my first name in at least 4 suit shops in the area. Steve’s is the best of them. His customer service is absolutely phenomenal. A local dry cleaner messed up one of the suits he made me, and he came to my office pick it up to repair it. I only started wearing suits from him this year, and I’ve already had a half dozen people ask me for his contact info. I’m almost worried if I don’t start sending them somewhere else, he’ll get too busy.
May And Mom
May And Mom
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Buying a gift card for Christmas from Steve Pariani was the best decision and quite possibly one of the best Christmas Gifts I have ever given! He came to our home with samples and measured precisely. We chose everything from material, lining, buttons..everything. A month later we had three suits and custom made shirts ready for us. The quality is supreme, the customer service is top shelf and the entire experience is absolutely Divine. The first time he wore one of the suits, he interviewed for a job and got it! Coincidence? You tell me. Thank you Steve!
Alyssa Lei
Alyssa Lei
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Steve made the whole process so easy and painless.

Custom Suits for Individuals

If you are a professional looking for a garment that is:

  • High-Quality that Will Last
  • Specific to Your Style
  • Perfectly Fit to Your Shape

then bespoke is for you. Whether it’s power dressing, a sports jacket, slacks or special occasion, we will create the perfect garment for you

Your Bespoke Tailor Steve Pariani

Steve was an Entrepreneur by the age of 21. He ran his business for 15 years in Bangkok. His world travels have landed him clients in Europe and USA. Establishing local offices across the world, he came to the US in 2009, became a citizen of the United States in 2016. That same year he incorporated and began Bespoke Tailoring by Steve Pariani.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Concierge Bespoke mean?

We come to you with a range of fabric samples., you select the fabric the color and style. We measure you make it in our factory and deliver it to you.

How long will it be until I receive my custom suit?

Typically our garments take 5 to 6 weeks, to complete.

How many fittings does it take to create a suit?

Each suit we create begins with extensive measurements. This extra time spent prior to the creation of your suit leads to only needing one fitting.

What is Bespoke Tailoring In Colorado?

Bespoke vs. Made to Measure

Made-to-Measure refers to clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. The pattern that most closely corresponds to a few measurements taken is used to create the garment and then adjusted after construction. Made-to-measure suits offer less options of fabrics, the same stitching throughout the garment, is machine cut and sewn by a line worker. Steve Pariani Custom Suits caters to Colorado’s top performing real estate agents, attorneys, news anchors, funeral directors, high-end car dealers, and wealth advisors. In short, we make the most public faces of the region stand out from the crowd with custom clothing for men that turns heads everywhere its seen. 

– – –

Bespoke Tailoring is made entirely from scratch and is based on many of your measurements taken. There is far more attention to minute details , is hand-cut and sewn by a master tailor which results in timeless a garment that was crafted exclusively for you.

As a concierge bespoke tailor, we come to you.

Bespoke vs. Tailored-Made vs. Store-Bought Clothing

Bespoke vs. Tailored-Made (Made-to-Measure) vs. Store-Bought Clothing

Feature Bespoke Tailored-Made (Made-to-Measure) Store-Bought
Starting Point Pattern drafted entirely from scratch Uses an existing base pattern with adjustments Pre-made garments in standard sizes
Customization Highest - choose everything from fabric, style, details, to fit High - customize fabrics and some style options Limited - choose from pre-designed styles and fabrics
Measurements Extensive measurements (25-30+) for all body nuances Fewer measurements (10-15) focusing on key areas Limited sizing options (e.g., chest, waist, inseam)
Fit Perfect fit, tailored to your exact body Good fit, may require minor alterations for unique body types May require significant alterations for a good fit
Fittings Multiple fittings (3-5) for meticulous adjustments Fewer fittings (1-2) for achieving a good fit No fittings required, try on pre-made sizes in store
Production Time Longest (8-12 weeks) due to detailed process Shorter (4-6 weeks) as it builds upon a base pattern Ready to wear immediately, or within a few days with minor tailoring
Price Most expensive due to high craftsmanship and customization Less expensive than bespoke, but still more than off-the-rack Most affordable option
Process Requires multiple consultations with a tailor Involves consultation with a tailor or sales staff No consultation needed, browse and try on pre-made garments

Ready to Create Your New Favorite Suit?

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