Custom Tailored Suits
as unique as you.

Discover why a bespoke suit is the best kind of suit.

What is Bespoke Tailoring?

Bespoke vs. Made to Measure

Made-to-measure refers to clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. The pattern that most closely corresponds to a few measurements taken is used to create the garment and then adjusted after construction. Made-to-measure suits offer less options of fabrics, the same stitching throughout the garment, is machine cut and sewn by a line worker.

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Bespoke Tailoring is made entirely from scratch and is based on many of your measurements taken. There is far more attention to minute details , is hand-cut and sewn by a master tailor which results in timeless a garment that was crafted exclusively for you.

As a concierge bespoke tailor, we come to you.

Custom Suits for Individuals

If you are a professional looking for a garment that is:

  • high quality that will last
  • specific to your style
  • perfectly fit to your shape

then bespoke is for you. Whether it’s power dressing, a sports jacket, slacks or special occasion, we will create the perfect garment for you

Custom Suits for Retailers

Are you a store owner looking to provide quality suits to clients?

  • Perfect for Bridal party rentals
  • Boutique clothing store
  • Accent existing line with unique accessories

This is a great way to step away from the same old black, blue or grays. Add some personality with a plaid or original color. Best of all, you can order in smaller, more manageable quantities.

Steve Pariani of Bespoke Tailoring

Your Bespoke Tailor Steve Pariani

Steve was an Entrepreneur by the age of 21. He ran his business for 15 years in Bangkok. His world travels have landed him clients in Europe & USA.
Establishing local offices across the world,he came to the US in 2009, became a citizen of the United States in 2016. That same year he incorporated and began Bespoke Tailoring by Steve Pariani.

The Steve Pariani Difference

Get unmatched attention from beginning to end.

Avoid hassle and save time.

Be guided through our trusted process to create a garment as unique as yourself.

Express your unique look with our wide selections.

Refuse to settle for generic.

Feel unrestricted with our huge selection of fabrics, colors, patterns and styles.

Wear a garment crafted for you, and you alone.

Feel like you.

Become the envy of your crew with a garment specific to you and your personality.


"These are the best suits I have ever ownedI will never go back to big box retail stores"

I've never used a tailor before, so I was a bit nervous about buying my new suit jackets, and having them be tailored for me. However, my experience here has changed my mind about tailoring.

I am a Pastor and I always wear suits, so fit and quality are important to me.  I will never go back to big box retail stores, these are the best suits I have ever owned. Unfortunately, the suit jackets I purchased at retail stores didn't fit exactly ; the sleeves were too long or the bust was a little tight or too loose. So I needed them tailored if I want to wear them.  Steve Pariani was able to do that as well.

- Pastor Matt Miller, Grace Baptist Church

Pastor and Mrs. Matt Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Concierge Bespoke mean?

We come to you with a range of fabric samples., you select the fabric the color and style. We measure you make it in our factory and deliver it to you.

How long will it be until I receive my custom suit?

Typically our garments take 5 to 6 weeks, to complete.

How many fittings does it take to create a suit?

Each suit we create begins with extensive measurements. This extra time spent prior to the creation of your suit leads to only needing one fitting.

Get the suit that will perfectly fit you.

Get in touch with Steve Pariani to book your initial appointment.